Flower Care Tips

Leave your bouquets in the packaging provided by Coastal Wedding Flowers for best flower care, until you are ready to use for photos or ceremony. Do not lay your bouquets down on a surface. Always stand them in a vase or have someone else hold them as the flowers will bruise and damage. Keep in a cool environment, away from draughts, heat or sunlight.  

Button holes + Corsages
Leave the buttonholes and corsages in the packaging supplied until ready to pin them on. Do not place in a fridge as it is too cold and you run the risk of damage. If you have access to a small esky with one freezer block inside, this is the best way to keep them. Do not place directly on top of ice block. If no esky is available, leave in an air conditioned or cool room.
Helpful Tips
  • When holding your bouquet, keep at belly button height. It is natural instinct to hold the bouquet up higher, especially when nervous.
  • Male buttonholes are placed on the left hand lapel with the shank facing down. All buttonholes come with a brooch style pin for easy attachment. We will provide you with a pearl head pin also, just in case there is some instability.  Secure with pin if necessary.
  • Female corsages are placed on the right hand shoulder with the shank facing up. As with the buttonholes, there is a clip on the back which secures to the garment by sliding the clip out and attaching. Use the pearl head pin to secure, if needed.