Client Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Service


To help us keep a track of the finer details, our preferred method of communication post booking is via email. Any changes, requests, or cancellations should be via email.  If you would like to chat with us over the phone or virtual meeting via Zoom we are only too happy to do so. However, we ask for these to be scheduled in advance.   Please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond to your emails as we may be executing an event.

Final selection + Substitution

Changes and selection of flowers and sundries must be finalised no later than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event. We are happy to provide two revisions of your quote. Additional revisions will be charged on the time required to alter, at our hourly rate. In the instance that the suppliers are not able to provide us with the flowers and or/colours discussed, Coastal Wedding Flowers has the right to make substitutions that align with the overall theme and style. Should there be a large difference in the look of the design, we will notify you immediately.


In the unfortunate event that the wedding or event is cancelled due to ANY circumstances including but not limited to: event called off, date change, Act of Universe (car wreck, severe weather, death in family, disease outbreak) within thirty (30) days of booked date, the client agrees to full responsibility of any remaining balance due to Coastal Wedding Flowers and will pay in full before originally scheduled date of event. A 20% non-refundable, non-transferrable booking fee applies to all bookings. Should the client decide to cancel the booking at ANY point after the client's booking has been confirmed, Coastal Wedding Flowers will retain the 20% booking fee. The booking fee is to cover work undertaken prior to wedding date, including but not limited to, email and phone correspondence, proposal drafts, proposal presentation, follow up consultations.

Date Changes

In the event of a date change for any given reason, Coastal Wedding Flowers, will honour the original booking, subject to availability. Quoted prices will be honoured if the new date is within 6 months of the original date. After this the order will be rebooked at our current pricing.

Reducing/Cancelling Items on quote

Upon accepting the estimate provided and by paying the booking fee, you are accepting the items and agreeing to the value listed on the estimate. Should you need to reduce or cancel items, we are happy to do so, however, no reductions can be made from thirty (30) days prior to the event. Please also note that the final total may not be reduced by more than 25% of the original invoice total.

Covid-19 Policy

Coastal Wedding Flowers require thirty (30) days notice of any date change. The booking fee and any paid funds will be transferred to the new agreed upon date. If notice is less than thirty (30) days, 100% of the total invoice is payable by the client, to Coastal Wedding Flowers. If Coastal Wedding Flowers is unable to secure a new date for the client and it is decided to terminate the client agreement, funds paid toward your invoice will be refunded minus the booking fee, subject to the cancellation policy stated in this agreement. There may be flower supply issues, with restricted work practices and imports. This means some varieties may not be available and prices have increased. Quoted prices will be honoured if the new date is within 6 months of the original date. After this the order will be rebooked at our current pricing.

Injury or Damages

Coastal Wedding Flowers cannot be held liable for any damages to attire or garments caused from the products supplied by Coastal Wedding Flowers, this includes but is not limited to water damage, snags, tears or pulls, pollen or colour stains. Coastal Wedding Flowers cannot be held liable for any personal injury or negligence to any persons attending the event, resulting by the goods supplied to the client by Coastal Wedding Flowers. 


By accepting the services of Coastal Wedding Flowers verbally or in writing, or by paying a booking fee, the client agrees to all information stated and to full responsibility for agreed upon service and product fees. Payments will be made on time and any changes will be mutually agreed upon within 30 days of event, in writing.

Limited Liability

Coastal Wedding Flowers will take the utmost care with respect to design, transportation and delivery of the client's event flowers. The limit of liability shall not exceed the total invoice price. Coastal Wedding Flowers is not responsible or accountable for any personal injury or negligence resulting by the use of goods supplied to the client or, on behalf of the client, or any parties attending the client's event. Coastal Wedding Flowers cannot be held liable for emotional, physical or financial distress due to any unforeseen circumstances in any event beyond our control.

Coastal Wedding Flowers Rights

Coastal Wedding Flowers has the right to stop working with the client if we feel it isn’t a good fit. The client will be reimbursed for any monies paid. Coastal Wedding Flowers has a no-tolerance bullying policy. Everyone on the Coastal Wedding Flowers team will be treated with respect by our clients at all times, before, during, and after the client event.